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Always supervise children in or near water,
Never leave a child under five alone in a bath even for a moment - do not use bath seats as they do not prevent drowning,
Empty the bath immediately after use.

Drain or securely cover garden ponds,
Do not leave anything in the garden that could collect rainwater - turn buckets, wheelbarrows etc over or put them away after use.

Credits: Child Accident Prevention Trust - www.capt.org.uk

Everyone who owns a swimming pool in France needs to be aware that the law has changed. The law now requires that all new pool installations must have a security system fitted to protect children aged 5 and under.

Unattended water is dangerous and children can drown in seconds, making non-barrier safety solutions impractical. The CSC (Commision de Sécurité des Consommateurs) recommends the barrier method and that all other means of security, such as alarms, should be supplementary to a fence.

There is no substitute for parental vigilance but you can’t watch your children all the time.

Credits: S.P. Solutions SARL - Enclôture - www.encloture.com

The Enclôture® complete pool fencing system offers a unique gate and fence combination that meets all the AFNOR standards set out in NF P90 – 306. It has been rigorously tested by the Laboratoire National d'Essais (LNE) and the reports are available on request. Enclôture® pool fencing system offers one of the best solutions for pool safety for many reasons, including:

It is a fence: the Commission de Sécurité des Consommateurs (CSC) have stated that a fence or barrier is recommended as the most effective security for a pool.

It is flexible: the flexibility of the Enclôture® fencing makes it difficult for a child to climb and easier to shut off all points of access. It is soft, so less likely to hurt a child if they run into it by accident.

It has a unique gate: our gate, which is patented in the USA, has a self-closing and self-latching system manufactured by the renowned Australian company Magnalatch. This provides peace of mind that the gate has not been left open by mistake.

It is highly transparent: a combination of the tension of the Enclôture® fencing and the large mesh holes make for excellent visibility, good aesthetics and safety.

It is easy to install and easily removable.

It is guaranteed for five years.

Enclôture® pool fencing system does not replace the vigilance of parents or responsible adults who remain the essential factor in protecting young children.

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